Fun Saturday at Amana Waterpark Bulacan

Queenie and I had a really fun day out at Amana Waterpark Bulacan last Saturday, along with the rest of the family.

The entrance fee costs PHP 250 per adult and PHP 200 per child. Cottages range from PHP 600 for 8 persons up to PHP 2500 for 30 persons. You can also rent out rooms ranging from PHP 2000 to PHP 3500.

More than just a resort, Amana Waterpark also offers activities like ziplines and karaoke. You can also take photos with all the life-size characters spread across the entire property.

Here are more photos of our amazing day!

One of our favorite parts of the resort was the Jurassic World section, which has the biggest and deepest pool in the entire resort.

Jurassic World!

Can you guess why we loved it so much? That’s right: dinosaurs! The whole family enjoyed taking photos with the life-size (I guess?) dinosaur figures. They all look so spectacular up close.

We took photos with T-Rex, Brontosaurus, and Triceratops. Queenie even sat on the huge dinosaur eggs. She really had fun with that!

I’m happy Queenie didn’t cry at the presence of the huge and mighty dinosaurs. She’s really turning into a big girl so fast.

We also saw some animals at the resort. They had a monkey and a couple of ostrich. Queenie especially loved the monkey. One of our neighbors has a pet monkey so she’s very fond of them.

Of course, we also went swimming at the famous wave pool. That’s something that Amana Waterpark Bulacan is known for. We only stayed at the shallow parts though, since I also had my nieces and nephew with me at that time.

Well, that was definitely a fun but tiring day! I know it’s a long shot, but I hope Queenie looks back on this day and remember how much fun we had as a family.

Be sure to visit Amana Waterpark Bulacan if you get the chance! 🙂

Amana Waterpark Bulacan
Santisima Trinidad St. Bagong Barrio, Pandi, Bulacan
0917 886 6220

queenie's diary amana waterpark bulacan
Until next time!

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